Master of Arts (MA)

A Master of Arts (MA) degree is a postgraduate academic degree that is offered in a wide range of disciplines in India. The program is designed for students who have completed their undergraduate studies and wish to deepen their knowledge and skills in a specific field. The MA program typically takes two years to complete and is recognized as a higher education degree by universities and employers in India and abroad.

Pursuing an MA degree in India is a great opportunity for students to gain a comprehensive understanding of their chosen field of study and to develop the skills necessary to excel in their chosen profession. The program provides students with the opportunity to study under the guidance of esteemed faculty members and to engage in independent research and analysis.

In this blog post, we will discuss the course curriculum, eligibility criteria, and career opportunities of an MA course in India, and provide an overview of what students can expect from the program. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a working professional looking to advance your career, this post will help you understand the benefits of an MA degree and how it can help you achieve your professional goals.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum for an MA program in India varies depending on the specific field of study. In general, the program is divided into two years, with each year consisting of two semesters. During the program, students will take a combination of core and elective courses.

Core courses typically include subjects such as research methods, theory, and history in the specific field of study. For example, in an MA program in English literature, core courses may include literature surveys, literary theory, and literary history.

Elective courses 

  • Economics
  • Education
  • English
  • Hindi
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Punjabi
  • Psychology

Programme Duration

Min. Duration: 2 years
Max. Duration: 4 years


The eligibility criteria for an MA program in India typically include the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree: To be eligible for an MA program, students must have completed a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study from a recognized university. The specific field of study required for eligibility may vary depending on the program.
  • Minimum percentage: The University may require a minimum percentage of marks in the bachelor’s degree for admission to the MA program. This percentage may vary depending on the university and the program.
  • Entrance Exam: Some Universities may conduct an entrance exam for admission to the MA program. Students are required to clear the exam to be eligible for admission.
  • Interview: Some Universities may conduct an interview as part of the admission process. The purpose of the interview is to assess the student’s suitability for the program and their potential to succeed in the field of study.

Fee Detail

Program Fee₹ 6000 (per semester)
Rs. 500/-Exclusive one-time Application Fee of
  to be paid at the time of new admission.

If a student wants to take printed Study Material Rs.1000, then he/ she is required to pay the Study Material fee separately at the time of receiving Study Material.
Payment Mode
Fees will be accepted online on the LPU e-Connect portal via. Debit Card/Credit Card/UPI/Wallets/Net Banking etc. or through Demand Draft in favour of “LOVELY FACULTY OF DISTANCE EDUCATION”, payable at JALANDHAR.

Career Prospects

An MA degree can open up a wide range of career opportunities in various fields such as academics, research, media, communications, government, and non-profit organizations.

  • Academics
  • Research
  • Media and Communications
  • Government
  • Non-Profit Organizations
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